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推荐:用 NSDT场景编辑器 快速搭建3D场景。


Creates a texture directly from raw data, width and height.


DataTexture( data, width, height, format, type, mapping, wrapS, wrapT, magFilter, minFilter, anisotropy )

The data argument must be an ArrayBufferView. Further parameters correspond to the properties inherited from Texture, where both magFilter and minFilter default to THREE.NearestFilter. The properties flipY and generateMipmaps are intially set to false.

The interpretation of the data depends on type and format: If the type is THREE.UnsignedByteType, a Uint8Array will be useful for addressing the texel data. If the format is THREE.RGBAFormat, data needs four values for one texel; Red, Green, Blue and Alpha (typically the opacity). Similarly, THREE.RGBFormat specifies a format where only three values are used for each texel.
For the packed types, THREE.UnsignedShort4444Type, THREE.UnsignedShort5551Type or THREE.UnsignedShort565Type, all color components of one texel can be addressed as bitfields within an integer element of a Uint16Array.
In order to use the types THREE.FloatType and THREE.HalfFloatType, the WebGL implementation must support the respective extensions OES_texture_float and OES_texture_half_float. In order to use THREE.LinearFilter for component-wise, bilinear interpolation of the texels based on these types, the WebGL extensions OES_texture_float_linear or OES_texture_half_float_linear must also be present.


// create a buffer with color data 
var size = width * height; 
var data = new Uint8Array( 3 * size ); 
var r = Math.floor( color.r * 255 ); 
var g = Math.floor( color.g * 255 ); 
var b = Math.floor( color.b * 255 ); 
for ( var i = 0; i < size; i ++ ) { 
  var stride = i * 3; 
  data[ stride ] = r; 
  data[ stride + 1 ] = g; 
  data[ stride + 2 ] = b; 
// used the buffer to create a DataTexture 
var texture = new THREE.DataTexture( data, width, height, THREE.RGBFormat ); 
texture.needsUpdate = true


# .image : Image

Overridden with a record type holding data, width and height.