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An abstract base class for creating a Curve object that contains methods for interpolation. For an array of Curves see CurvePath.



This constructor creates a new Curve.


# .arcLengthDivisions : Integer

This value determines the amount of divisions when calculating the cumulative segment lengths of a curve via .getLengths. To ensure precision when using methods like .getSpacedPoints, it is recommended to increase .arcLengthDivisions if the curve is very large. Default is 200.


# .getPoint ( t : Float, optionalTarget : Vector ) : Vector

t - A position on the curve. Must be in the range [ 0, 1 ].
optionalTarget — (optional) If specified, the result will be copied into this Vector, otherwise a new Vector will be created.

Returns a vector for a given position on the curve.

# .getPointAt ( u : Float, optionalTarget : Vector ) : Vector

u - A position on the curve according to the arc length. Must be in the range [ 0, 1 ].
optionalTarget — (optional) If specified, the result will be copied into this Vector, otherwise a new Vector will be created.

Returns a vector for a given position on the curve according to the arc length.

# .getPoints ( divisions : Integer ) : Array

divisions -- number of pieces to divide the curve into. Default is 5.

Returns a set of divisions + 1 points using getPoint( t ).

# .getSpacedPoints ( divisions : Integer ) : Array

divisions -- number of pieces to divide the curve into. Default is 5.

Returns a set of divisions + 1 equi-spaced points using getPointAt( u ).

# .getLength () : Float

Get total curve arc length.

# .getLengths ( divisions : Integer ) : Array

Get list of cumulative segment lengths.

# .updateArcLengths () : null

Update the cumlative segment distance cache.

# .getUtoTmapping ( u : Float, distance : Float ) : Float

Given u in the range ( 0 .. 1 ), returns t also in the range ( 0 .. 1 ). u and t can then be used to give you points which are equidistant from the ends of the curve, using .getPoint.

# .getTangent ( t : Float ) : Vector

Returns a unit vector tangent at t. If the derived curve does not implement its tangent derivation, two points a small delta apart will be used to find its gradient which seems to give a reasonable approximation.

# .getTangentAt ( u : Float ) : Vector

Returns tangent at a point which is equidistant to the ends of the curve from the point given in .getTangent.

# .computeFrenetFrames ( segments : Integer, closed : Boolean ) : Object

Generates the Frenet Frames. Used in geometries like TubeGeometry or ExtrudeGeometry.

# .clone () : Curve

Creates a clone of this instance.

# .copy ( source : Curve ) : Curve

Copies another Curve object to this instance.

# .toJSON () : Object

Returns a JSON object representation of this instance.

# .fromJSON ( json : Object ) : Curve

Copies the data from the given JSON object to this instance.